Read: I Command It 19/12/2010

Links I loved this week.

Active men and passive women in Lego
Ms Marx: On Pop Culture

The more you learn about children’s toys, the less you want to know. Even if you buy gender neutral toys how will that affect play at school? The children are aware of the popular toys (they will often recite the exact features and benefits of the toy they wish to purchase. It delights but shocks me every time.) Who wants a yo yo when you can have a Backugan set? Will a girl’s friends rather sit around with pretend tea and dolls or play football? I think the most important thing is that they are given the option?

Do policemen wear camo nowadays?
Andy Haden

Well do they? More on the riots and police brutality, nothing is really shocking any more.

7 feminist reasons to watch the British teen drama “Skins” before America tv ruins it

Both E4 and BBC Three manage to really connect with their teen audiences. E4 has Skins, The Inbetweeners and more recently Misfits. These shows are funny, harsh and often written by teens themselves. I’m not sure if an American Skins will be good but I look forward to seeing the result. Skins may have been good but as this comment points out it has its flaws.
My hope is that shows that are written for teens (and enjoyed by adults) will continue.

Christina Aguilera and Rihanna’s performance on X-Factor

Raunchy wasn’t even the word. I sat with my family…yes family open mouthed as Rihanna parted her legs before winding down to the floor. Christina Aguilera belted out her song while surrounded by her half dressed dancers. The dancers then proceeded to crawl along the floor in their stockings and short skirts. Impressive but inappropriate. Of course all the parents needed to do was explain that even though a woman can be beautiful, she may have an amazing singing voice but she does need to appear to the audience as a sexual creature. That is the only way to be a true star and that is the meaning of the X-Factor. (Of course Mary didn’t win, she wasn’t willing to sing half dressed- yes I am still bitter about her not winning. She was the only one who could sing, damn it.)

(For those who missed X-Factor- me, I was at my work x-mas party.)

The X-Factor 2010 final results show- live blog

So funny- you must read. Well off you go then. Now wait, come back I’m not done.

Your Cold Weather Guide to Combatting Dry Skin
College Fashion

I’m too cold to look at the condition of my skin at the moment but from the look of my hands…well let’s not go down that path. Underneath the layers of wool, thick coat and ugly socks lies skin that desires to be exfoliated. It has been dried out by the central heating as well as hot showers and baths. (I know I shouldn’t do it.) Anyway the post above shows ways to…well combat dry skin.

Now for my own entertainment (and maybe yours.)

Hot Guys Dressed as Santa


Also I was mentioned on one of my favourite blogs, On the (Rest of the) net The Early Bird Catches the Worm


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