Read: I Command It 16/01/2011

If you are reading this and it is before 2 in the afternoon I am probably asleep. My patterns are a little screwed OK? If that’s alright with you.
All that aside it is my brother’s birthday (3rd child) so Happy Birthday to him.

I have put a few blog posts about writing at the end.

The Reason Girls Should All Have Hairless LegsTears are the Pennies of the Underworld

This is my own link but I was so pleased with the nonsense I managed to write I want you to read it.

1) 2011 Style Direction: Eclectic Dancer in New York

Luinae, who wrote this entry believes in empowering teenagers. This is her reason for the blog Slam and although my teens are behind me I really enjoy reading what she writes. This post was just delightful to read. She manages to weave the fashion choices the dancer makes with her hopes and desires.

2) A Twitter Pro-Ana Experiment the World Could Do Without
Daily Femme

Do you remember who Kenneth Tong is? I didn’t either until I saw what he had been up to on Twitter. He decided to set up an account and tweet Pro-Ana tips. If that wasn’t bad enough he then said it was all a well planned experiment. (Oh, he’s a Big Brother contestant if you didn’t remember, oh you don’t care? Right.) His offensive comments though were disgusting and shouldn’t have been considered a joke in his own head. Forget experiment, was there an apology?

3) Tea Snobs And A Decent Cup Of Tea
Tea Blog

Tea is a sophisticated drink (or at least it would like to think it is.) It sits above all other hot drinks on a shelf looking down it’s nose and snorting with disdain. That’s what people would have you believe. Tea actually likes to frolic with the cheap biscuits, cavort with less then adequate coffee and warm the body of the poor. At the end of the day, tea is just…tea.

4) Dragon’s Egg £2.99
Beauty Truths Not Ugly Lies

The title sounds like a fantasy novel, put that pen down! We have enough young adult fantasy fiction without you writing another book. Fine, just one more . Actually this post is a review on a bath bomb from Lush. I included it because….well it’s Lush!!! Also it mentioned Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Sold!!!

5) Ham and Cheese Muffins
Fashion Champagne

I have to make this recipe posted by Kirsty on her blog. If I didn’t already have a New Year’s Resolution it would be to make this (and learn to bake more in general.) Every time I see that picture I feel really hungry.

6) Thoughtful Thursday: materialism
The Button Owl

This post is about materialism and it’s true. Even when you have finally managed to save up and buy that one thing you’ve desired for ages, once you have it you still crave more.  It makes me think that you need to strive for happiness without counting on money to make you feel secure. For most of us the credit crunch has meant that our dreams have been destroyed or at least been put on hold.

7) Happiness Is A Choice
She Was Write

If you are striving for happiness this post will help. I can relate to the family issues and it is draining (for me) being at home. The sooner I move out, the better. My own happiness is my responsibility. I’m easily cheered up though. A verse of Bless Your Beautiful Hide and I feel a lot happier.

8) The Woman in White: A Drinking Game For The More Refined
Good Books & Good Wine

I have never tried to drink alcohol while reading. Ahhhh a challenge. It’s classic literature with alcohol I have to try this game.

Blog Posts about Writing

9) Grasping Feelings and Emotions
Peace, Love, and Books

This blog post is about capturing the character’s emotions and writing them. (All while showing and not telling. Phew)

10) Get Specific, But Not Excessive
Seeking the Write Life

This blog post is all about using specific nouns that will tell the reader more without having to use too many adjectives.

11) The Ethics of Writing for Children/ Young Adults
Seeking the Write Life

“At what point do we, as writers, become responsible for how our stories affect or shape the minds of our audience?”

I’m not sure how novels may have shaped me as I grew up. I didn’t have Twilight but I also….didn’t read Harry Potter!!! (Shock, horror.) I read the first book and didn’t…get it. “He’s a wizard,” I thought, “so what?” I had Jacqueline Wilson, Bali Rai, Sarah Dessen and Meg Cabot. Let’s not forget Louise Rennison and Malorie Blackman. (I’ll stop.)

Well I’m off to sleep and I hope you have a Happy Sunday.

(I will stop putting happy in front of everything, someday.)


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2 responses to “Read: I Command It 16/01/2011

  1. Again enjoyed your pick of the best of the web. Your post was hilarious ( shall remember to go hairless in case of romance on the train, wait I am married, damn!). Do you have many blogs then?
    Materialism truly leaves us wanting more and more and currently I have imposed austerity measures ( sound like David Cameron) on myself as I have a penchant for nice things but the spring collections keep on calling out to me! I won’t buy anything unless it is budgeted though 😦
    Have a good week and chin up, don’t let any family members get you down!

    • When it comes to spending I have managed to save a little but I’m terrible with sales. It’s never clothes, it’s mostly books for me and beauty products. Weirdly I dislike Nick Clegg because he made so many promises and just betrayed the youth. This was my first time voting….I won’t go down this path again. Thanks, I hope you have a good week too. I have a first year blog but looking back it’s very silly.

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