About Me

(28 years old now!)

Hi, my name is Kimberly Redway. I am 22 years old  and wherever I live in the world I will always be a Brummie. I started blogging in 2008 as a creative writing assignment and have remained hooked. I graduated in July 2010 with a BA Honours in Creative Writing with English literature.

I was brought up in a very traditional home where manners, being lady like and seeing men as the ‘first sex’ where all part of being a girl. Somehow that message broke down between me and my sisters. I have always rebelled against my conditioning but often find myself silent. In this world it sometimes seems the most appropriate thing. For me blogging is about the freedom we do have, to express ourselves and share our opinion with others.

I consider myself a feminist but love femininity. (It becomes tricky at times.) This blog is about feminism, human behaviour, overanalysing but also deals with popular culture, and dips into politics. (Get ready to hear how I feel about Nick Clegg.)

I started this blog (properly) in October 2010 but my (more) personal blog is Tears are the Pennies of the Underworld

Just to explain the title. It was one of those ‘student’ days when you start walking in a direction with a plan and then end up wandering around aimlessly. Unsure of what to do next a uni friend suggested we should ‘Drink Tea and Get Laid.’ For me that single sentence summed up my university experience. One minute you’re drinking tea while reading classic literature. The next minute there’s wine in the tea cup, you’re drunk and you’ve fallen on your book.

Sophistication and Liberation

Studying and Chilling out

Tea and…Getting Laid?

*note this is not a blog about actually getting laid. If you stumbled across it looking for sex tips, all I can say is go and cool down with a cup of tea.