The Film Genres in this Blog

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t come up with weird film genre names to describe the films I often watch.

Cor Blimey!

British films can be gritty, grey and depressing. Instead of safe and reassuring escapism, British films often mock us with raw and devastating realism. These films force us to inspect every corner of our diabolical society as we are confronted with characters that may even reflect our true selves. On the other hand more and more comedies portraying a different side to Britain have emerged. These characters slaughter the welfare supported youths dressed in tracksuits as they live their optimistic and goofy lives. They are camp and fill their houses with kitsch objects while slurping tea.

Disney Freak

Colourful princesses breaking into song at any sign of hardship and muscular princes fighting dragons, sea witches and there own feeling of inadequacy. These films are often seen as tools to reinforce traditional roles by getting to children first. They edit out the harsh messages of fairy-tales from the past.  These films are also accused of encouraging consumerism as each film inspires cuddly toys, DVDs and soundtrack albums. For all the faults highlighted these movies can be perfect for escapism.

Elderly Fest

Marriage, dealing with the idea of your own mortality (mid life crisis) or just films that include actors over forty. The way these characters deal with middle age issues are to go on a journey, quit their jobs or have affairs. They are the re-coming of age story. Films in this genre often have housewives in sensible aprons holding wooden spoons, who rip them off in favour of stockings and high heels. The men remember their careless testosterone filled days and enjoy infidelity with young woman. They document the lives of the ordinary, the bored and often the dull. They aim to comfort us with the idea there is life after forty.

Female Coming of Age

The focus is on the awakening of an adolescent girl from her menstrual cycle to her sexual experience with the opposite sex. (It often doesn’t include same sex encounters.) They concentrate on dating for the first time, loss of virginity and her first experience of heart break. These films differ from the Male Coming of Age because the hero of the film often does on an adventure and/or discovers something profound that proves to be life changing. In a film like that if the boy becomes involved in a relationship it will be a side story rather then a whole journey. The girl he encounters will be seen as the prize.

Glammy Hollys (Gollies)

These are the older films and include film noir, musicals and the more glamorous type of film. The woman stride in high heeled shoes with cinched in waists while falling into the arms of handsomely dressed rich men. Detectives peek out from every corner, often smoking a cigar while pondering the mystery that needs to be solved. Dancers tap dance across Hollywood, stamping their mark on the glittery path which leads to fame. Often the lesson seems to be that fame is everything but fortune isn’t.


Not quite a horror but enough to make you forget what sleep is like. This film is often aimed at a younger audience and focuses on the most well known phobias to achieve it’s terrifying atmosphere. These might also be surrounded by a fantasy world involving mythical creatures that terrify or aid the characters. Since they will be aimed at younger children the director often focuses on the storyline rather then tossing in a few monsters. This often produces a greater effect then the traditional horror film.

Rom Com Vom(it)

These films are about the inevitable entrapment of a woman by a man who often doesn’t deserve her. It teaches us that studying, careers and the building of a life is alright as a hobby but are easily scrapped for marriage a few children. Often described as modern fairytales these ‘princesses’ often appear independent but are soon swayed by the easy life. Chick flicks are seen as solely for woman to live out their fantasy and prepare for their inevitable future.